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Dining Room Furniture

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Quality Craftsmanship in Every Piece

All our dining room furniture - from the dining room table to the chairs surrounding it - are created with the same unyielding standards for quality and craftsmanship that Birchwood is known for.

Canadian-Made, Made for Calgary

Our suppliers are brands that hail from Canada, located coast to coast, where craftmans pride is evident in each piece. Our furniture is acclimated to Calgary’s arid climate, ensuring years of trouble-free ownership.

Our dining room furniture transforms a meal into an experience.

Any space where family and friends gather becomes special, especially when people gather to break bread together. Our dining room furniture will help create memories centered around food, friends, family, and fun.

Tailored to You

Customize your furniture and choose the finish and upholstery on your seating. At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we stick to our mission: It’s About You… It’s About Choice.

The Birchwood Difference

Prior to opening our Calgary showroom as a quality fine furniture and home decor retailer, we exclusively ran a Calgary based furniture manufacturing business for 39 years. During that time, we have learned some valuable lessons when it comes to design, quality and craftsmanship.

It is these lessons that have given us the tools to pair you with the perfect premium upholstered or solid wood furniture to enhance your lifestyle! Over the past four decades, we have come to understand what matters most to our customers: Quality, Craftsmanship, Community. Our relentless commitment to these values is what sets us apart.

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Birchwood Furniture Logo
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