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There are many points to take into account when deciding on what furniture to purchase for your home. At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we make it a priority to be sure that you are well informed so that you can make the perfect choices for your taste and lifestyle – if you are happy, we are happy!

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions so that we can give you the information that you need to make furniture shopping a success!

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Of course, if you do not find the answer you are looking for here, we are always available to give you a personal helping hand – all you have to do is ask. If you’ve been into our store, we ask that you ask the Design Consultant you spoke to in person. If not, give any of us a call. Store contact details are just a click away.

Now onto the good stuff!

Q. Is solid wood a better option than veneer?

A. Not always. Both veneer and solid wood have their pros and cons, so when deciding on which material to go with, it comes down to quality and your lifestyle.

Looking for detailed information? Have a read through our blog posts on this subject.

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Q. “Endless customization options” – what does this mean?

A. We mean that you have a say in almost every aspect of your chosen furniture, from the upholstery fabric, leather style, wood stain colour, to the specific dimensions.

We are interested in providing you with choice. This is why we have selected vendors with as many options as possible for customization. You deserve to have what you need for your home, and for your life.

For more information on the options that we have to offer:

Customize your Dining Room in Style

Every Fabric Choice You Could Want – It’s About You

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. The time your new Birchwood Furniture pieces takes to arrive depends on the availability of the fabric/leathers chosen, but you should expect it to take anywhere from 5 – 7 weeks. Quality takes time!

Q. I am in the market for leather furniture; are there different types of leather? What should I be looking for?

A. It all comes down to the aesthetic that you are looking for in combination with your lifestyle. Some leathers will show every scratch and knick, whereas others will be able to withstand spilled juice and greasy hands. Just because a leather piece is high-priced, it does not necessarily mean that it is a better choice for you.

Check out one of our blogs on the subject: The Truths About Your Leather


Q. Where is your furniture made?

A. At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we deal with some amazing suppliers, including our very own Birchwood Furniture, which is made right here in Calgary! A few of our other fabulous Canadian and North American suppliers:

* Bogdon and Gross is made in Wakerton, Ontario

* Borkholder Furniture is made in Nappanee, Indiana, USA.

* Buhler Furniture is made in Winnepeg, Manitoba

* Canadel is made outside of Montreal, Quebec

* Canadian Manufacturing Ltd. is made near Abbotsford, B.C.

* Capel Rugs braided lines are made in North Carolina, USA.

* Omnia Leather Furniture is made in Chino, California, USA.

* Trica Stools are made in St-Jerome, Quebec

These are only a few of the many suppliers that we use. Check out the full list of suppliers here.

Q. How do I know what furniture to buy for the size of my space?

A. Buying the right sized furniture is key, as you want your new furniture to be proportional to the size of the room as well as your existing furniture. At Birchwood, we want to make sure that your furniture choices are perfect for your space.

We highly recommend measuring your space before shopping so that you know exactly what you are looking for. We know that this can be difficult when it comes to curved sofas and sectionals, so we offer floor templates that you can take home and lay out on your floor.

This is one of the many tips we have when it comes to planning your space – here are a few more!

How to Buy a Sofa

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Q. Is there a warranty on my new furniture?

A. Most manufacturers have a base warranty of one year on their products. However some of our suppliers offer lifetime warranties.

Birchwood Furniture offers a lifetime warranty on their frames/springs and five years on their foam.

If you are interested in maximizing your protection, at Birchwood Furniture Galleries we offer the following Diamond Kote furniture protection plans:

Fabric Protection

Leather Protection

Wood Protection

Q. How should I care for my new furniture?

A. We know that purchasing quality furniture is quite the investment, so that is why we want to stress the importance of proper furniture care. There are a few simple, everyday things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your furniture.

When it comes to upholstery, flipping the cushions on a regular basis is a good idea, as well as gently vacuuming with a soft brush.

It is also a good idea to keep both leather and upholstery out of direct sunlight to avoid sun damage resulting in fading.

Spills happen, but it is important to clean them immediately to avoid permanent damage. How to go about doing this depends on the fabric or leather, so be sure to get care instructions upon the purchase of your new piece.

At Birchwood, we sell a fabulous line of all-natural, biodegradable care products called PURE as well as a 5-year Diamond Kote protection plans (see above) – we want you to be happy with your furniture for years to come!

Q. I have my own fabric – can I use this for my new sofa?

A. If it is the right type of fabric for the use of the furniture, and you have enough of it, then yes! – Talk to one of our design consultants about placing your order!

Did we answer all of your questions?

We hope you found the answer that you were looking for, but if you didn’t, don’t fret! Come in and see us – we are here to answer all your questions and to do our best to meet your furniture needs. At Birchwood, it’s about you…it’s about choice!

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