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Carve Out Your Perfect Entertainment Area!

At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we value family time above all else. And after a busy day, we know that many families like our own gather in front of the television to relax and decompress.  Your entertainment area is a perfect opportunity to create not only a comfortable space but a beautiful one- whether it’s a quiet […]

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Custom-Made Wood Furniture: What to Know

Wooden dining table with black wooden chairs, white bowls placed on the table and a decorative plant in the middle.

How do you furnish an awkward space in your home? How can you find a piece of furniture unique to you and your style? If you’re finding it challenging to find the perfect piece of furniture for your needs, custom-made furniture could be a great option. If the thought of ordering custom furniture overwhelms you, […]

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Guide: How to Maintain Solid Wood Furniture (Calgary Edition)

People have long relished the beauty, resiliency and durability of solid wood furniture. From the richness of oak to the modern appeal of maple and other wood species, solid wood furniture is a staple in many Canadian homes. But with any natural material, it is important to keep it maintained and looking its best.  Why […]

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How to Buy Dining Room Chairs

We’re having a custom dining sale at Birchwood Furniture Galleries this month. What better time to go through some basics about how to make your dining room chair selection! We know making major purchases for your home isn’t as easy as it seems, so take these points into consideration when looking for what is right […]

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How to Choose Wood for Furniture Making

Different types of wood samples for furniture making sitting on a rustic wood table.

Are you interested in building your own furniture but do not know where to start? At Birchwood Furniture, we know everything when it comes to furniture–including which building materials are best. While almost any type of wood can be used to build furniture, some woods are a better choice depending on your goals, your budget, […]

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How to Clean Dirty Wood Furniture

A lady in a denim jacket wearing Knitted cotton rubber gloves is cleaning a wooden chair with a soft white cloth.

Is your favourite piece of furniture starting to look a little dirty? Or perhaps you’re in the market for a new item and are considering which would be easiest to clean. If you need advice on how to clean wood furniture, you are in the right place. At Birchwood Furniture, we know how important it […]

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How to Clean Wood Furniture

Close up of hand using cloth to clean wooden closet door

Wood furniture often plays a central role in your home: you eat around the dining table, gather in front of the entertainment unit, and spend 8 hours a night on your bed. With all the family, friends, and fun around the house, surely your wood furniture will endure splashes of wine, scratches from pets, and […]

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How to Select A New Dining Table

Did you know your dining furniture sets the tone for the entire feel of your space and the experience you create for your family and friends? It does indeed – a formal setting can lend itself to use only for special occasions, or a contemporary casual setting can mean your family uses your dining set […]

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