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Get Organized This Spring

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Spring is here ( … or it is?). Here in Alberta, we’ve been hibernating for way too long, and we are getting cabin fever! If you are feeling this way, know that you are not alone.

Staying indoors, and being all comfy cozy at home is only fun for so long. With nothing but time to look around the house, it’s hard not to get sick of staring at the same decor! We have had a case of the decor blues ourselves – it’s hard not to!

We’re itching for a good spring cleaning and the chance to air out the house. Clutter and dust, get out of the way! But wait – we need to get everything in it’s place before we can get rid of those winter dust bunnies.

Organization 101

If you are anything like us, you just writhe at the sight of a mess. It gets under your skin, and prevents you from thinking clearly, getting things done, and generally takes over your mind! On second thought…we hope actually you aren’t like us! It can feel like torture. So if clutter bugs you, even a little bit, here are some ideas on how to take it on in your home while maintaining your personal style.

Before we can tackle clutter – we need to understand it. So what is it? Wikipedia says clutter is “a confusing or disorderly state or collection”. Looks like the only way to combat it is to turn disorder into order.

What does this mean? It means it’s time to get organized for spring! Organization can come in many forms. Depending on the space, and the look you are going for, you may want to consider these options.

  • Purchase a piece of furniture
  • Purchase a custom piece of furniture
  • Built in storage

Storage Ideas

You are ready to get started, but then you hit a wall. What’s holding you back from action? Not sure what goes where to keep things tidy once and for all? The only way around this analysis-paralysis is to look at each piece of your puzzle. Take on each storage area by function and you are sure to have success.

Is your front door getting you down? Tackle that pesky foyer with a credenza or console table with drawers depending on the size of your space to help get your household’s daily odds and ends for coming and going organized.

Is the office your number one problem? Piles of paper giving you a headache? Pick up some book shelves, a credenza, or even a new desk with compartments that hide computer equipment, dangly cords, and allow you to easily sort and file papers related to the administration of your life.

Are your linen closets overflowing? How about a customized curio to add style and functionality to a nearby nook? With either solid doors or glass panes, you can have an interesting look, lots of storage, and potentially a place to display some of the beautiful guest towels you’ve been hiding away.

Still not sure what you need for your specific space? Not a problem! Our team of Design Consultants are here to lend a hand. Let us know what you are facing, bring pictures and measurements and we will find your best option!

Less is More

If you have plans to clear out your messes, we suggest you do more than just rearranging. Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting everything spick and span – it is about lightening your load. Make sure to ask yourself, “Do we really need this?”, before packing away seasonal items, or moving things into your brand spanking new storage furniture.

Purging is an important part of home organization, and general peace of mind. Spring cleaning provides you with the time to evaluate whether what you have been holding onto for so many years is doing you any justice, being used/worn, or just weighing you down physically and mentally.

In an age full of consumerism, we suggest you pare down and look to keep or buy only quality products to have the longevity and satisfaction you seek from your belongings.

Enjoy the Rediscovery

Another great part of the spring time clean-out is the rediscovery! We spoke about how you can rediscover your treasures in a previous post. Hasn’t this happened to you? Time and time again, when we go through our closets, boxes and storage places, we think to ourselves, “Hey! I forgot about that! Isn’t it lovely?”

If you find yourself having these thoughts, don’t put that piece back into that black hole of a drawer. Cart it out and enjoy it. Is it awkward to display? Will it only collect dust? Not super functional but too pretty to hide? Frame it in a shadow box! You would be surprised how often this can be the answer to maximize on the joy collectibles, family heirlooms or mementos offer.

We hope this gets your mind racing for exciting and new ideas for this year’s spring cleaning!


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