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Planning Makes Perfect: What to Remember When Refurnishing Your Space!

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Here at Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we know first hand how important planning is when refurnishing your home. We are here to help make it as stress-free, and enjoyable as possible – here are some important tips to get you started!


The first thing we recommend is measuring your room and creating a floor plan so that you are completely prepared when you start shopping. Having all the details handy when you are out helps you understand the scale of the pieces you are looking at. Guessing is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying furniture and can cause unnecessary disappointment on delivery day.

Many people struggle with conceptualizing the size of the piece they see in store to the size of their rooms at home. This is normal! You are suddenly in showrooms five to ten times bigger than your home – of course it’s hard to put the sizes of pieces into perspective. If you come prepared, with our help and a trusty measuring tape, be reassured you’ll know exactly how each piece will fit into your space.

We want this to be an enjoyable and easy experience for you, so our experts are always available to help. We would be more than happy to help put together your floor plan, while working with you in choosing appropriate pieces for the space that you have!

Falling in love with our curved sofas and sectionals? No problem! We’ve eliminated the measuring nightmare clients have with these top-selling styles. How? We provide you floor templates of the specific curved styles you are interested in ready to take home. Unfold them and lay them on your floor, and voila! You know exactly how much of a footprint that unique piece will take up.


A floor plan is a great start, but it is also important to take photos of your space. We know it’s our job to understand design, not yours, so we understand if you don’t have the vocabulary to explain every element of your space. To help our Design Consultants get to know your space a little bit better, snap photos of every angle of the rooms you are hoping to furnish before you come in. These will really give us all that we need to properly plan out your space, and furniture order.

Not only are the dimensions important, but also outlet placements, doorways, windows and fireplaces need to be taken into consideration. What if the only place that your new couch fits is OVER the only cable outlets? It would look great, but defeat the purpose of a TV room wouldn’t it? The more we know, the better the advice we can give you!

There is so much to remember, we know, but we are here to help. The perfect furniture is out there for you, and we know how to help you figure out what you are looking for.


So now that you have found the perfect pieces for your space, it’s time for the big purchase. We recommend having all of your larger pieces – sofa, love seats, entertainment units –delivered first and put in their places. This will give you a better idea of what space you have left for the smaller pieces. There is nothing worse than an over furnished room, it causes clutter and makes your space look smaller.

Would a round or square coffee table fit best? Is there room for that perfect little rocking chair that you found? Do you need two occasional chairs, or just one? By ordering in stages, you can pretty much eliminate these problems, and save yourself from over buying!

We hope that this information will help you get started! Do you have more questions? Stop by the store and talk to a Design Consultant! We are always available to help!

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