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Benchmade Upholstery: The Difference Quality Makes

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In our industry, there is a lot of truth to the phrase “there’s no replacing quality”. Furniture is one of those things where it can be difficult to determine what quality really is, and how to tell if the piece you are considering is made well or not.

At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we make it a point to only carry brands that create truly wonderful furniture. Of course, it is one thing to say that our product is high quality, and another thing entirely to deliver on that promise.

In this post, we thought we would showcase the features a well-made piece of upholstered furniture will have when you are out shopping and comparing.

Want to Learn More About How Our Furniture is Made?

We welcome you to visit our gallery and join us for a conversation about quality. Our showroom is packed full of long-lasting, made to order furniture… and we love educating our customers on what makes our furniture so fantastic!

Quality Construction Starts With a Blueprint

While most items in our gallery can be chosen according to your design style, each piece follows the same general build process right up to the finishing details.

Our furniture undergoes a standardized construction process that ensures each piece benefits from the quality standards that all Birchwood products are known for. The difference in our process, compared to others, comes down to some pretty important components:

  • The frame
  • Springs
  • Foam/cushions
  • Fabrics
  • The talented people who hand-make each piece

The Frame

Typically hidden underneath, the biggest difference you will see in our furniture compared to others is in how the frame is constructed. Instead of using multi-piece designs that are prone to failure, we use single-piece engineered hardwood to ensure strength and stability. Each frame is stapled, screwed, and glued for unrivaled strength, which keeps your furniture looking and feeling like new for years to come!


We use proprietary “no sag” springs in all our furniture, meaning that they will feel as comfortable a decade from now as they do the day you bring them home. We also use a double set of springs near the arms of your furniture.  These springs, along with guidewires, ensure a consistent and uniform seating experience on the entire seat.

These springs, combined with the guidewires, ensure a consistent and uniform seating experience on the entire piece

Foam & Cushions

Our furniture benefits from high-resiliency foam, which ensures long-lasting comfort. Of course, when choosing your Birchwood furnishings,  you will be able to choose a level of foam firmness that suits your tastes and needs, from super-soft to firm. Picking your level of comfort and support is an option on all of our benchmade styles.


We don’t believe in “one size fits all”, and the same is true of the fabrics we use! Choose nearly any combination of fabric, including leather, suede, and microfiber, to create the perfect piece for your space.

We use North American-derived fabrics that are known for their longevity, durability, and ease of cleanliness and top quality leathers choices for your Birchwood upholstery.


Nothing replaces the unmistakable beauty and quality of our hand-crafted products. This is what truly separates us from the rest –  the dedication of craft and workmanship present in each piece of furniture we create.

Every step of the manufacturing process is overseen by an experienced professional. Rigorous checks and balances are built into our process to ensure that every piece of furniture we build meets the same high standard for quality, fit, and finish that Birchwood products are known for.

It’s About You…. It’s About Choice….

If you are looking to invest in new furniture for your home, come on in to our showroom to see the difference quality, care, and choice makes for yourself!  Our furniture enthusiasts cannot wait to help you pick the right piece and style for you and your home.

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