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Creating an Office to Inspire

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We know that there are few things less inspiring than being stuck behind a boring desk all day. It’s hard to feel motivated to plug through your work when your furnishings and surrounding four walls are as drab as the paperwork you’re completing. All the more reason to invest some time and energy into livening up your work space!

Not sure where to start?

Come visit our experts at Birchwood Furniture Galleries! Whether you work from home or from a corporate office, a sprawling corner suite or a considerably smaller cubicle, we can help you find just the pieces to meet your needs.

Like the rest of your living spaces, your office has its own unique features and limitations. That is why we offer quality, customizable and modular pieces, available in many different sizes, configurations and finishes. Select pieces to create your ideal layout and meet your storage needs to maximize the potential of your work space.

Can’t find exactly what you are after? When you shop at Birchwood Furniture Galleries, it’s about you – it’s about choice. We can help you design a custom desk or bookshelf from our Canadian-made office line that takes your individual needs into account. 

Consider how you use your work space

Do you have a computer tower, printer or other office equipment that you wish to stow? We can select vented cabinets and neatly route pass-ways for cables and cords through your furniture to keep them out of sight.

Maybe you need bookshelves for extensive text references and manuals, or to keep paperwork filed neatly. Our bookcases are the perfect pieces to showcase your collections or accommodate your works. Maybe you just need a simple workstation for homework or balancing the books. Whatever your needs, we can create the perfect pieces to meet them. 

Think about size

What can your office accommodate? You need furnishings that are functional but also proportionate to the room. The last thing you need is to feel suffocated by heavy furniture that overwhelms your work space!

Our suppliers craft beautiful, made to order solid wood and veneer pieces in many sizes. You are guaranteed to find what you need to meet your size specifications. Options include corner desks, luxury and large executive desk styles, trim writing desk silhouettes and everything in between! Choose from single tower computer stations, multiple storage and bookcase towers, built-in or stand-alone filing cabinets and credenzas with the option of an added hutch.

Think about seating

Do you receive colleagues, clients, vendors and others to your space for meetings? Or is this an office for one? A mixed-use home office with multiple purposes? Take into consideration the seating capacity you are after before you place your order.

We know you may need a lumbar supporting, quality, all leather office chair, or an armchair, a slipper chair or a dining chair. Because we specialize in locally made upholstery furniture, the sky’s the limit! We can help you select a style, fabric and have it ready by the time your office furniture is ready for delivery.

Think about appearance

With a huge variety of wood species, stains, styles and hardware, we can help you create one-of-a-kind wonders that will make you want to stay and get your work done! Whether you’re looking for something heavy and masculine, ornate and traditional or sleek and modern, we will work with you to design your perfect workstation. 

Want to help us help you? Make sure you come armed with some rough dimensions and snapshots of your space so we can get to designing your new office right away! And stay up to date on all the goings-on at Birchwood Furniture Galleries by liking us on Facebook and subscribing to our monthly newsletter.


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