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How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room

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A small living room with a l-shaped sofa, a small circular table, and a small accent chair.

How you place your living room furnishings can be just as important as the individual pieces you select—especially if you have a small living room. The right layout can create the feeling you want for your living room while maximizing style and function. 

Ultimately, the perfect small living room layout varies based on your furnishings and needs, but following a few principles can help create a thoughtful, functional layout:

  • Keep furnishings to a minimum.
  • Create pathways to important spaces.
  • Make use of vertical space. 
  • Get creative with storage. 
  • Choose your decor and furnishings carefully. 

Even in a small space, creating a layout that reflects the look and feel you want for your home is possible. Do not be afraid to explore all your options for living room furnishings, from smaller accent chairs to a comfortable sofa

Keep Furnishings to a Minimum

Adding as much decor and furnishings as possible in a small living room can be tempting, but putting too much in a small space can make it feel even smaller. Avoiding clutter can help your small living space feel more roomy.

Keeping things minimal doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to just a coffee table and chairs. It means thinking about how you want to use your living room, what you need for that purpose, and what you can put somewhere else in your home. 

For example, if your small living room is doubling as an entertainment room and a sitting room, consider moving your TV and entertainment unit to a different area of your home to decrease the space in your living room. 

You can also make your living room a dedicated, roomy entertainment area by moving excess chairs and coffee tables to a dedicated conversation space in another room (like a spare bedroom) and keeping your comfortable sofa and television in your living room.

Create Pathways to Important Spaces

Every living room has key areas and focal points, which can vary based on the layout and function of your living room.

For example, If your living room is set up as a TV room, the key areas will probably be the seating areas and the area where you have your entertainment unit—or where your TV is mounted on the wall. A small sitting room may have just one key area arranged with comfortable chairs or a sofa surrounding a coffee table. 

You should arrange pieces in a layout that helps usher people toward key areas without breaking conversations or sight lines. In a small living room, this might mean positioning your sofa and chairs with their backs to the entrance so people walking into the room are not walking through the eyeline of those already in the room.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Choose taller furnishings that maximize vertical space and make the most of a small living room. Wall-mounted shelving allows you to use every inch of wall space without sacrificing floor space.

If you’re looking for taller pieces, balance the height of your furnishings and the size of your living room. A piece that is too big might feel overwhelming if it’s taking up too much space in a small living room. 

Get Creative with Storage

Wall shelving isn’t your only option for creative storage in a smaller living room. It’s not even your only option for vertical storage. Nets, baskets, and other creative options for adding storage options that hang from the ceiling or walls can help keep your living room organized while adding a unique touch. 

Look for pieces with built-in storage, such as a coffee table with a drawer or a set of nesting tables that can be stacked together. 

Choose Your Decor & Furnishings Carefully

Not all pieces are suited to smaller living rooms. Everyone loves how comfortable a big sectional can be, but it’s not likely the right choice for a small living room. Furnishings that takes up a lot of space can make a smaller room feel cramped. 

Look for smaller pieces that don’t dominate the limited space of your living room. Pieces with legs rather than those that sit directly on the floor can also help a smaller living room feel bigger because they open up sight lines to the floor. 

When choosing the decor, include mirrors, which can make a space feel bigger, and transparent or clear objects, which can add a touch of style without taking up as much visual space. 

Custom-made pieces are often the best for smaller living rooms. Many options are available for beautiful, solid wood custom pieces that can be tailored and designed based on the living spaces in your home—and your sense of style. 

Get Perfect Pieces for Any Living Room

At Birchwood Furniture, we help Calgarians find unique pieces suited for their homes. Show us pictures, give us measurements, and tell us your goals, and we will help you find the perfect pieces for your space—no matter how big or small. 

Visit our showroom to explore your options and get started on your new living room layout. 

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