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Some of you may already know the history behind the Calgary made, Canadian sourced, quality furniture that makes Birchwood so special. Our family has been making this furniture right here, in Calgary for almost forty years. Read more about that here.

We have expanded our showroom to include not only our Calgary built furniture, but quality goods made in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. Read more about our other canadian suppliers in this article.


Why is this so important? Canadian made goods means 3 things:


1- Quality guarantee: 

Our furniture will stand the test of time. When you purchase a Birchwood Furniture piece, you are purchasing an heirloom, something you will enjoy and your family can enjoy for years to come. 

Have you ever wondered where Antiques come from and why they are so costly and coveted? Decades from now, when our competitors’ furniture will belong gone, ours will have increased value and prestige. 

2-People not machines:

Craftsmanship has been on the decline for some time, but there is a resurgence of late. The younger generation is seeking out the quality and uniqueness of years past. When you order your own custom-made Birchwood Furniture piece, you are also actively participating in the local, and national economy. You are creating the kind of jobs that are well paid and require skilled labour. You are supporting local families, just like yours. 

3-Fresh, local ingredients:

You have heard time and time again that the best meals come from the freshest, best ingredients. We like to think of our furniture a lot like that. Each piece is made up of sustainable, Canadian, ingredients.


The wood that makes up the frame of your furniture (think of it as the skeleton) is sustainably harvested in Golden, BC. The extra thick and comfortable foam is manufactured right here in Calgary. See more about the construction process here.


You can’t be a luxury brand without the history and the heritage, and Birchwood Furniture has both. Consumer trends are showing that more and more, Canadians want customized, locally made goods because they are a better ethical and environmental choice. We are proud to have been ahead of the trend for decades, and still going strong. 


Come to Birchwood Furniture Galleries, and speak to one of our Design Consultants. Learn about the history, experience the quality, and trust our furniture. 

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