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Sectionals to Fit Any Space

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Finding the perfect sectional can be tricky. With so many details to take into account, making the decision to pull the trigger on a custom, made-to-order sofa can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned buyers. Birchwood Furniture Galleries has a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and our experts know first hand what it takes to steer you toward finding the perfect new piece for your home!

How will your sofa be used?

Will it be in a large space used primarily for family lounging? Will it be in a square-footage-challenged room that frequently plays host to many guests? In a larger space, you have a larger number of options. You can go for that extra-deep, oversized, overstuffed plush sectional that the entire family can enjoy. Add in additional accent chairs after the fact to complete the space and make it yours.

While it may seem like a better use of a small space to place a small sofa and accent chair into the room, filling it with multiple pieces of furniture can make it feel tight and cluttered. Make it feel more spacious by cutting down the number of pieces to one sectional for a cleaner look with maximized seating.

Our experts can find you the ideal piece that is custom-made to suit your space! Just because you have a smaller living room does not mean that you have to compromise. Get both comfort and style in a condo sized sofa – a tidy tailored look, thin track arms and best of all, a small foot print!

Bring photos…

Not only do we love to see our clients spaces, we NEED to! Seeing your home as it is now helps us define your style and guide you to the perfect new sectional for your home. Also, seeing the existing furnishings in your room will help us determine a great layout for your space with the additional of your new custom sectional, big or small.

Measure twice, order once!

When it comes to ordering your new furniture, nothing is worse than the anxiety of being unsure if your new custom order will fit. We’re here to help take the guesswork out of the process! Read this blog post for all our tips on how to get it right. First, we recommend starting with the dimensions of your room and a rough floor plan. This will give us an idea of what size sofa your room can accommodate. 

Remember to also include the dimensions of your doorway! You won’t enjoy it if the pieces won’t fit through your front door. In most cases, your new sectional will come packaged as streamlined as possible and there is usually the option of delivering the piece without the legs attached to buy you a few more inches of space.

Have more questions? Come pay us a visit and we’ll get started on finding a great new sectional just for you! At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, our Design Consultants are always available to help.

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