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With blue skies and well-above-zero weather, we are starting to see that the elusive Calgary summer if finally around the corner! Many Albertans are dreaming of heading to their mountain, lakeside or country retreats. Whatever you call your home-away-from-home; be it a cabin, cottage, camp or chalet, you’ll likely be making plans to start up your second-dwelling season sometime this month.

When preparing your place for the warmer months, there are several steps to follow before it’s warm-weather ready. Keep a pad and paper with you as you get started to keep a running list of any maintenance work that needs to be done. With this list in tow, you are less likely to forget or gloss over smaller details that need tending to. 

Some of the crucial steps in getting set up for the season include:

– Restore heat to the dwelling

– Turn your water feed back on

– Get your appliances ready to use

– Prepare the interior

– Inspect the exterior for damage/ seasonal wear and tear

Now that you’ve started your basic to-do list, let’s talk about your furnishings. Do you have any furniture that’s looking worse for wear? Could your cabin use a little decor refresh? Perhaps it’s time to think about outfitting it for the season. If that doesn’t get you into the outdoors-y spirit, we’re not sure what will!

At Birchwood furniture Galleries, we have the ability to make any upholstered piece that you can dream up. And we can make it by hand, here in Calgary, and have it ready for you within a 5-7 week time frame. As cottage furniture tends to take a bit of a beating from sandy feet, wet paws and the occasional piece of water-logged clothing, you may consider opting for the added durability of leather. 

We also offer custom-made outdoor furniture. Does your property boast a covered veranda with ample room for seating? Pick out a setting and have the pieces made with outdoor fabrics that can stand up to the sun and sand!

Whatever furniture you need updated, we’ll have it. Looking for shelving and storage units to keep your outdoor sporting goods and seasonal gear organized? We have great pieces in stock that you can order. Interested in brightening up your spaces with some colour or pattern? We have on-trend indoor/ outdoor area rugs by Capel Rugs that will do just the trick.

Perhaps the pieces you currently have just need a little TLC. No problem! At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we have a new line of furniture care products that will do the trick. PURE is a safe, natural and environmentally-friendly product that uses only the highest-quality ingredients. you can rest easy knowing you are doing the best for your family and your environment with this product line.

Be sure to let us know how we can help in your preparation for this exciting time of year- cabin season. We’re ready to find you the right pieces and products for your home-away-from-home in time to enjoy it this summer!


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