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Supplier Spotlight: Handstone Furniture

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In our last post, we gave you an in-depth look at one our highly reputable upholstery suppliers. This month, we want to talk about one of the most trusted custom-made, solid-wood furniture manufacturers that we have the pleasure of working with, Handstone Furniture.

Handstone Furniture started in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Since its conception, Handstone has remained a family-owned Canadian manufacturer. Today, the Ontario factory produces exceptional hand-crafted pieces that are sold exclusively through independent furniture stores across the country.

Made to Order

Not one piece of Handstone furniture is made before your order goes in. Every piece is custom-made to order. There is no warehouse filled with prefabbed pieces waiting for some paint to be slapped onto them. Before your heirloom-quality piece goes into production, you select from a variety of kiln-dried hardwoods. You can also choose the sizes of your furnishings- bigger, smaller, more drawers, the options are endless. Our design experts can help you sketch out your dream pieces and Handstone will bring these drawings to life. Next, you choose the stain that best complements your decor, and lastly the upholstery and hardware to complete the look.

Manufacturing Process

At Handstone Furniture, old world quality and style is seamlessly married with the advantages of today’s modern technology. Using Computer Aided Design or CAD, they are able to guarantee accuracy and consistency with every piece. Using the build sheet that is drafted from the CAD system, a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is used to ensure that every component is cut with laser precision. 

Next, all solid wood pieces undergo both automated and hand sanding. Once each article has been properly sanded, the finish is applied. A three-step dye and stain colour application process is used. Now the post-catalyzed vinyl sealer and conversion varnish top coat are layered on. These are what lend the high-quality, even finish that is paramount to Handstone Furniture. 

This careful application process aids in curing the finish and makes it more resistant to chemicals in household products, solvents, foods and oils. You can also rest easy knowing that these products are safe for you and your loved ones- these varnishes contain far less formaldehyde than traditional lacquers.

Quality Craftsmanship

Using solid-wood, carefully constructed dovetail joinery and premium varnish finishes, you know that your new furniture has been built to last! Handstone takes joy in sourcing all materials and labour within our Canadian borders. In an age where everyone is about instant gratification and everything is disposable, they keep with the old ways of slowing down and taking the time to produce quality pieces.

The benefits of this are three-fold: Handstone has the flexibility to offer completely custom pieces, environmental effects of their production process are significantly lessened and you end up with pieces that you will be proud to pass down through the generations!

Environmental Commitment

Not only does Handstone want future generations to enjoy your new furniture, they want future generations to have a beautiful environment to enjoy as well! How does a furniture manufacturer contribute to a healthier tomorrow? By making quality goods that will stay in the family rather than clogging up our planet’s landfills. Their cutting processes ensure minimal scrap and waste materials and any waste that is produced is recycled- sawdust is repurposed as livestock bedding and scrap wood is used to provide heat for local homes.


In addition to producing beautiful and timeless pieces, Handstone also stands behind their craftsmanship. Every Handstone piece is designed, engineered and manufactured to stand the test of time, however, if your piece should fail you then they want to make it right! 

Their outstanding 10 Year Warranty that will protect you against any construction or workmanship defects in your new furnishings. In addition, a 1 Year Warranty is also offered on all fabric, leather and non-furniture related components such as cabinet lighting and power bars. 

Of course, just like any furniture manufacturer or retailer, there are exceptions to their warranty coverage but every reasonable action is taken to guarantee your satisfaction!

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We know you probably have more questions about this highly-respected Canadian furniture manufacturer. Find out more by visiting our design experts today! And be sure to like Birchwood Furniture Galleries on Facebook and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for more insider supplier details.

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