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The Truths About Leather: Your Go-To Buying Guide

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We’ve explained a lot about our wood products, and about our upholstery pieces. So now it’s time to get into some tips about shopping for leather. There are many different types and qualities of leather out there. The key to choosing the right type for you and your family is first knowing your needs inside and out. The most important tip we can share is that you find a leather with qualities that match your lifestyle, and the function of the space your furniture will be living in!

Leather Misconceptions

We find clients have many misconceptions about leather furniture. Here are the top three most frequently mentioned by clients:

  1. Leather is always cold
  2. You MUST buy the most expensive leather for it to be a “good” piece
  3. Leather stains

We’d like to tell these are all FALSE!!! Here’s more about why these leather myths just are NOT true.

MYTH BUSTER 1: Leather is always cold

Leather is always room temperature – the same as your walls or your coffee table! You just don’t typically sit on you walls or your coffee table! Right?


We think what people are really talking about is how quickly their leather reacts to body heat. Some leathers warm up faster than others because they have less coating. This means the leather is closer to you warmth. Therefore, the more processed, or layers of protection on top of the leather, the longer it will take to warm up!

MYTH BUSTER 2: You must buy the most expensive leather

Buying the most expensive leather does not mean you are bringing the best leather for you and your family into your home. Everyone’s lifestyles are different and unique.

The top-of-the-line European leathers may be beautiful and soft to the touch, but they are not as durable as other types of hides. When purchasing furniture for a family household, you need a type of leather that will stand up to dirty hands and spilt drinks.



Some of the most expensive leathers are a type that show every nick, scratch or seat mark. Not everyone likes a rustic looking leather that changes with time. So also, please keep in mind the look your going for, and what type of leather it will require.

MYTH BUSTER 3: Leather stains

Quality leather does not permanently stain. You can breathe more easily now. If you spill a drink on your couch or chair, the “stain” will wear away over time, just like if you were to draw on your hand with a permanent marker! Isn’t that great?


Know that you can have kids and still keep up that ultra modern white sectional. Take into account the use and abuse your piece will undergo, and select a more resilient leather with a more protective finish, and you’ll be good to go! Ask our design consultants for more information.

Shopping for leather furniture

When shopping for your leather pieces, always check if the manufacturer or the store offers a warranty. These warranties generally cover everything from the seams holding up, to the cracking and splitting of the hides. At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we offer these types, as well as many other types of warranties, so be sure to ask us about them!

Well, if there’s one thing we could leave you with, it is that we suggest you really think about the space you plan on using your furniture in. Take the time to identify the people and pets that will be using it, and for what types of activities before you begin your leather selection process. Please feel free to ask lots of questions on your next shopping to be sure your new piece will meet your needs.

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