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Birchwood Furniture – Getting Greener by the Day

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Now that you know a little about our history, we want to share information about our store’s top selling line of quality upholstered furniture – Birchwood Furniture.

Quality That Lasts

Their dedication to quality, strong and lasting furniture is one of their most important commitments to being eco-friendly. They guarantee their workmanship and offer a lifetime warranty on their springs and frames. Birchwood Furniture believes in building beautiful products, of exceptional quality that will last you for generations.

This value is becoming increasingly hard to find amongst today’s manufacturers. Sadly, production in all industries focuses on lowering costs and creating disposable consumables. Creating furniture that will stand the test of time and can be repaired by their service experts keeps morefurniture where it belongs, in the home – not in landfills.

Recover It

Whether our clients are buying furniture as an investment or as a short term style makeover, you can rest assured that Birchwood Furniture’s got you covered for years to come. They know that an important part of having furniture last for decades is it’s ability to transform and reinvent itself as often as you do.

Birchwood Furniture keeps all of its templates on file. So no matter how long ago you bought that sofa or chair, they can reupholster it easily and inexpensively. The beauty of this is that you can even come to us if their style has been discontinued!


Our showroom has hundreds of fabric samples for you to choose from. Birchwood Furniture knows what our clients want. You’ll always find something you love, that works for your space, and for your pocket book.

Low Carbon Footprint

As mentioned in our previous post, all of Birchwood Furniture’s products are made at the company’s Calgary factory. They believe in supplying reliable locally made products as a part of their commitment to being environmentally conscious. Because of the minimal amount of shipping involved in their logistics, they have succeeded in lowering their carbon footprint.

In addition to this, Birchwood Furniture uses lumber from Golden, B.C. and prefers to use Canadian material manufacturers when ever possible. They ship materials and product mainly locally between Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba as most of their suppliers and retailers are within Western Canada.


Waste Not – Upcycle!

The last part of Birchwood Furniture’s eco-story has to do with fabrication. Their production line includes many processes that reduce waste. They strive to use the best quality and most effective environmentally friendly materials. As an example, all of the foam used in their furniture is soy based.

Most notably, they use a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine to cut hardwood forms to build their furniture frames. Factory engineers make sure to piece as many template parts from orders together as possible to use up every square inch of material. Due to the high level of precision of this machine, virtually all that is left of the wood is dust. Nothing goes to waste here. They also use similar technology to cut their foam, fabrics and leathers.


In addition to using state of the art technology, Birchwood Furniture continues it’s green initiatives by upcycling all leftovers from their foam and leather cuts. These scraps get repurposed and resold in the form of carpet underlay and bonded leather.

We hope this has helped you understand more about our top selling upholster – Birchwood Furniture. This just goes to show that making the right choice when buying furniture can provide you years of enjoyment and help the environment!

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