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What You Need to Know About Upholstery Prints

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Are you in the market for new upholstery furniture? If you are thinking prints, there are some important points that you should be aware of to avoid disappointment upon the delivery of your new purchase!

What Could Go Wrong?

We bet you’re thinking “What could go wrong? My print is fabulous!” And it probably is but whether the print will show up on your furniture the way you had envisioned it be another issue. That being said, we rarely come across this issue with our clients. The large majority of our them are beyond thrilled when their pieces land in their home! However, from time to time we do have the odd client bring this up.

For this reason we’d like to take the opportunity to explain what is industry standard and what isn’t, and what your options really are. We want to help keep you informed, and comfortable with your options!


Print Matching

A print looks best when the seat, back, and arms match so that the print flows. Birchwood Furniture, our preferred upholstery supplier, always does their best to match the print on the seat and back cushions of any chair and sofaWe bring this to your attention so that you note that we exclude the outside arms and the outside back in this print match, as they are not the focal points of the piece.


Some upholstery manufacturers may not match prints at all, so make sure to ask as many questions as possible to be sure you are getting EXACTLY what you want.

Not all prints are not created equal. If you have selected a fabric with a small print, you likely won’t notice anything with the way your piece looks. It’s more obvious when a large print is chosen.


Express Your Needs

You want the outside arms and outside back to match, you say? This is usually possible but you MUST clarify and let your sales person know EXACTLY what you want. Otherwise, we will do what is our procedure, only matching the seat and back cushions. Also, you must remember that in order for everything to match, extra yardage of fabric must be used. Extra fabric = extra cost so be sure to inquire about the added price!

So there you have it! We hope that these points will help you feel empowered and informed when placing your order. We want you to feel comfortable know what to expect.

You’ve had the run-down about your fabric options at Birchwood Furniture Galleries in previous posts. Here we’ve started to scratch the surface of specifics to keep in mind when ordering upholstered pieces. Keep an eye out for more fabric care and selection tips comingover the next few blog posts!

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