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Birchwood Furniture Galleries Proudly Carries Performance Fabrics

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Furniture is, of course, not merely decorative; it is functional as well. As such, it is important that the furniture we purchase is not only aesthetically pleasing; it must also be able to withstand the wear and tear associated with daily use. This is particularly difficult with upholstered pieces, as fabrics are vulnerable to many things. Stains, fading from sunlight or wearing due to contact with rough surfaces are all elements to which upholstery is exposed every day.

At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we believe furniture is an investment, and we would like to help you invest wisely. This is why we are proud to offer a number of performance fabrics.


What Are Performance Fabrics?

When we talk about performance fabrics, we are referring to fabrics that are scientifically designed to offer exceptional performance. These remarkable materials are designed to withstand both daily wear and accidental circumstances such as spills.

The process of manufacturing performance fabrics is different from that of average upholstery fabrics. The fibres used to create performance fabrics are usually made from polyurethane; a naturally stain-resistant material. These fibres are unusually tough and durable while still feeling soft and comfortable to the touch.

Some of the Advantages of Performance Fabrics

Machine Washable

Many performance fabric upholsteries we carry are machine washable, and can even be bleached. While obviously, machine washing may not be feasible in every situation, this option is particularly advantageous for items like slipcovers. The ability to machine wash upholstery allows you to keep your furnishings clean and fresh without damaging or shortening the lifespan of the fabric.

Moisture and Stain Repellant

Performance fabrics are not simply stain resistant; they are stain repellant. The special polyurethane fibres used in these fabrics repel stains naturally, meaning there is not typically any sort of chemical coating employed to keep the fabric stain-free. In some cases, the fabric even has special stain-repelling technology surrounding each fibre.

The fibres also repel moisture. This means your furnishings stay clean, dry, and fresh. You will never have to be concerned about letting the wet dog on the couch again.

Exceptionally Durable

As we have already mentioned, the very fibres of our performance fabrics are unusually strong and durable. When woven together, they create a particularly strong fabric which can stand up to far more useful than the average upholstery. On top of this, manufacturers also apply a performance finish to equip the material with extra strength.

Fade Resistant

Our performance fabrics lock in pigment, so they will not fade the same way normal fabrics do when exposed to prolonged and repetitive periods of sunlight. This means your furniture will continue to look new and vibrant longer. When you invest in performance fabric upholstery, you are investing in tenacious colours and patterns.

Watch the Simple and Effective Cleaning Process for Yourself

Click the video below to see how easily our performance fabrics can be cleaned. Ask to see our performance fabrics in the stunning Romero, Peyton, and Sugarshack patterns the next time you are in store. We would love to introduce the amazing world of performance fabrics.

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