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Making Your Home Office Work for You

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A large portion of productivity can be traced back to the space in which you work. To yield truly effective results, an office must be aesthetically pleasing without being distracting; it must be soothing while still being effective and organized.

Although it may not be the most obvious concept, designing and furnishing your home office or work space is a crucial part of ensuring productivity. At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we not only carry furnishings that perfectly balance beautiful design and craftsmanship with function; we are also prepared to offer advice and design ideas to help you find the right fusion of efficiency and creativity.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Home Office Furniture

How Much Time Do You Spend in Your Office?

The amount of time you spend in your office should dictate what kind of furniture you are seeking. Do you often work through lunch? If so, you may want to consider using stain-resistant performance fabric when upholstering your office chair. Are you often in-and-out? If you are only at your desk for 10-20 minutes at a time, considering quick access to your papers and pertinent information, would be essential.

Overall, your office must be comfortable. When choosing your home office furniture, you should consider what will be most comfortable and inviting for the standard amount of time you intend to spend there.

What Practical Functions Does Your Home Office Require?

Although practicality seems like an obvious factor to consider, it is not uncommon for people to fall in love with a beautiful piece of furniture, only to realise it does not meet their practical needs. For example, if you require a variety of small supplies such as paper clips and stamps, you will likely want a desk with drawers. If you plan to house a large collection of books in your office, you must ensure the desk you choose either includes proper shelving or leaves sufficient space in the room for a bookcase.  Filing all those important papers should be considered as well.

It is also important to consciously consider details such as the type of computer you are using; if you use a laptop to conduct your work, you will want furniture that provides you with simple and frequent access to a power source.

Birchwood Furniture Galleries’ Home Office Options

At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we carry only quality-made furniture, much of which is made right here in Canada. Popular brands such as Handstone, and Hotzon offer excellent craftsmanship fused with popular rugged design. Aspen carries a variety of styles that have considered many options for the budget minded. Regardless of your personal style, we can assist you in finding your ideal office furniture.

We Build for Your Style & Space

We can also customise a large variety of Birchwood pieces to perfectly suit your space, style, and workspace needs. You can choose from a large variety of upholstery, colours, and finishes. Is there an issue with the size or shape? We can often even alter the dimensions or features of your furnishings to better suit your needs.

Helping You Design the Ideal Work Space

Making the most of your space can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why we are pleased to offer our professional help coordinating colours and finishes, planning out the best use of your space, and perhaps even making design choices. Visit Birchwood Furniture Galleries and allow us to empower you with the best possible home office.

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