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How to Keep Your Furniture Clean from Pets

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A small dog laying down on a hair-covered couch

There’s a great level of excitement when you buy new furniture for your living room, office, or bedroom, and then you remember you have pets. If your critters are notorious for climbing on your couch, knocking pillows onto the floor, or scratching your leather chair, it can be difficult to maintain your furniture. 

If you want to protect your furniture, there is hope, you can have your pet stick around without having to worry about ruined furniture by following some simple tips. 

Five easy steps to keep your furniture clean from your pets

Keeping Your Furniture Clean & Protected

Pets can be a beloved member of your family, but they can also wreak havoc on your furniture if you’re not careful. If you’re struggling with a pet who loves your upholstery, consider implementing some of the following tips: 

Keep Your House Clean

This seems self-explanatory, but keeping your home clean (or as clean as possible) of dust and pet hair can reduce the amount that may end up resting on your couch. If you have leather furniture, wipe it frequently with a soft cloth. 

One of the best ways to keep pet hair off your cabinets and other furniture is to brush it away. You can also manage pet hair by regularly brushing your furry friends.

Dogs and other pets who enjoy the outdoors may drag mud, dirt, and other debris into your home. Keep a towel near the door and you can quickly clean off their paws and fur. If they’re wet, let your critters dry off outside with a towel before letting them inside. 

Keep the Couch Covered

If your pets love to lounge on furniture, their hair can easily accumulate. A blanket, towel, or any other covering laid on your pet’s favourite spot can help protect your living or bedroom from a mountain of fur. 

When the covering has served its purpose, throw it in the washer and it’ll be ready to go again in no time. If blankets aren’t your style, there are plenty of covers for couches, chairs, and loveseats available. 

Create a Cushion Rotation 

It’s cute when your cat curls up on a throw pillow, but they can become dirty and flattened. You can purchase several pillow covers and even rotate multiple variations out during the week to keep things looking nice. 

If your couch cushions are looking a little lived-in, flip them over when possible to avoid dents and damage to the surface of the upholstery. 

A dog laying comfortably on a dog bed in a living room

Create a Dedicated Space for Your Pet

Your dog doesn’t need her own chair, but you can give her a comfortable dog bed. She may even prefer it over your couch, and you can wash it when the hair becomes a bit too much to handle.

If you have a cat, a nook set up in his favourite room can provide a comfortable, secluded place for him to relax. Your pets enjoy your smell, so place an article of clothing in their new space to encourage them to settle in. 

Divert Their Attention 

If you have pets, especially cats, damage to your furniture can seem like an inevitability, but finding something to divert their attention can lower the risk of scratch and bite marks. 

Investing in a scratch post for your cats can stop them from sharpening their claws on your sofa. Dogs are less likely to mess with your furniture but chew toys and other activities can give them an outlet to keep them from chewing on your table legs. Pets may damage things when they’re bored, so give them plenty of attention and playtime. 

Offer Other Options 

You can offer your pet a dedicated space, but they may get bored and this space isn’t available in every room. Offer your furry friend another option for relaxation. If you know your cat enjoys laying on your couch, offer a cat tree or bed in the same room. A dedicated pillow or bed can even be placed onto the couch itself. 

Nobody wants their new furniture damaged or dirty, so try out some of these tips and find what works best for your home. You can never guarantee your furniture stays clean for years to come, and if you need a replacement, your local retailer can help you find something new

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