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What is Mennonite & Amish Furniture?

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At Birchwood Furniture Galleries, we dedicate ourselves to showcasing the very best in furniture. When we place a piece on our showroom floor, we take the time to make sure that it upholds the Birchwood name and very few pieces reach the same quality, stability, elegance, and comfort as Amish and Mennonite furniture.

The Amish and Mennonite communities are well known around the globe for their dedication to their craft, and the results are truly breathtaking. In fact, Birchwood is proud to feature a beautiful selection of Mennonite-crafted chairs, bed frames, and sofas in our Handstone Furniture line.

But what makes Mennonite and Amish-crafted furniture so unique? We’re going to break down the process and uncover the mystery of what makes this furniture so sought-after.

History of Amish & Mennonite Communities in Canada

Despite having different names, the Amish and Mennonite communities stem from the same Mennonite background.

Originating from German cultures, Mennonites started settling in Canada near the end of the 18th century. They immediately developed their own distinctive culture by rejecting many modern advances in lifestyle and technology, instead opting for a more traditional and conservative way of living.

Amish communities developed from a branch of Mennonites, but with even more of an emphasis on conservatism. While some modern Mennonites may drive cars or use tractors, the Amish will refuse the use of these tools.

Through their heritage of traditional ways and values, their focus on craftsmanship comes from their dedication to create things by hand, making each piece they create unique, durable, and beautiful.

Solid Canadian Wood

The first thing to know about all Amish and Mennonite furniture is all furniture pieces are crafted from solid Canadian wood creating the highest quality products possible. Using solid, high-quality woods like maple, cherry and oak chosen through a rigorous vetting process, they don’t just create furniture; they build pieces that will live through its uses and stand up to the test of time. Not only will you be able to enjoy the furniture, but you can also pass it along without losing its stability and beauty.

Superior Craftsmanship

When these communities set out to craft furniture, they build it using their wealth of knowledge passed down from generations of artisans. 

Woodworking skills are taught and learned early in life, and many professional crafters often carry decades of experience creating furniture from hand. In many cases, Amish and Mennonite carpentry is a family business.

No Electricity Needed

Some might wonder how the furniture is crafted if Amish and Mennonite communities are known for not using the latest technology. Instead of electricity, these crafters rely on compressor-powered tools mixed with a healthy selection of manual tools like hammers, saws, and sanders.

This makes each furniture piece of furniture unique, with its own characteristics and personality. By choosing a piece of furniture crafted by these communities, you’re not just buying a table or bed frame; you’re buying a piece of the crafter’s legacy.

No Nails or Screws

Another thing that makes Mennonite and Amish furniture unique is the lack of nails and screws used to hold the furniture together. Instead, these craftsmen use a combination of traditional joining mechanisms, like dovetail, and mortise-and-tenon joinery.

In addition, the furniture may also be reinforced using non-toxic adhesives.

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Incredible Sustainability

If choosing Mennonite and Amish furniture wasn’t already an easy decision to make, the entire process of creating furniture is one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes in the industry.

They do this in several ways:

  • Hand-sourced Canadian wood
  • No electricity used
  • Non-toxic adhesives
  • Built to pass along to next generations 

Furniture That’s Functional & Fabulous

If you’re looking for furniture options that uphold the standards of sustainability, durability and beauty, please visit Birchwood Furniture Galleries today. We will match you with a beautiful combination of sofas, tables, chairs, and more that will redefine your notion of fashionable craftsmanship.

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