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How to Arrange Sectionals in a Living Room

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A living room setup with white sectional sofas, square dark wood coffee table, kitchen in the back and a pair of chairs with black leather cushions.

How do you use your living room space? Does your family gather to watch TV? Do you have a separate sitting room? Does your living room connect with your kitchen through an open-concept layout? The size, shape, and function of your living space often play a central role in helping you decide how to arrange sectionals. A sectional is a multi-piece unit which gives you a certain flexibility in arranging seating in your living room.

You should arrange your sectional in a layout that fits the size of your living room and helps make it easy to use your living space for your needs. You should also consider your other living room furniture and how it might fit into your planned living room layout. 

There are many options for sofas, but one of the qualities that make sectionals a fantastic choice is that there are multiple sectional layouts that can fit living rooms with different sizes and shapes. Exploring your options can help you make the right choice for your needs. 

Find Your Focal Point

Before you move pieces of your sectional around, start by finding your living room’s focal point. It might be a TV, a fireplace, or a large window that offers a fantastic view. 

Once you have found your focal point, you can position the main section of your sectional unit facing where you want to look. A layout based on a focal point can make it easier for everyone to enjoy the view and create a balanced, visually pleasing arrangement at the same time. 

Optimize Small Spaces

A sectional might seem large, but that does not mean it will not fit a small living room. While it is important to find a multi-piece unit that suits your space, you also have a few different options for helping your sectional fit. 

The key to arranging a sectional in a small space is to maximize your seating options without overwhelming the room. Positioning the sectional against a wall can free up space in a smaller living room while still creating plenty of seating. You can also break up the sectional into multiple pieces, allowing you to create a cozy seating arrangement for enjoying comfortable conversation.

Consider Left or Right Seating

The natural flow of your living space can also affect how you arrange furniture, especially which side of the room you place your sectional on. The longer side of a sectional unit can offer more seating, but it might be an obstacle if it is in someone’s path. 

By arranging an L-shaped sectional so that the longer section sits out of the way and positioning the shorter side either on the right or left side of a room, you can create a layout that supports your living room’s natural flow with a functional, harmonious arrangement.

Nestle into the Corner

A corner can be the perfect spot for an L-shaped sectional. Nestling your main piece into a corner can provide comfortable seating that also opens up the rest of your room. If you can position the short side of your sectional near a window, you can also help create an illusion of a larger space that extends beyond your sofa with natural light. 

Create Zones

Using living room furniture as a divider in an open-concept space can add depth and functionality to your home while helping you maintain a cohesive interior design. 

If your kitchen and living room are joined as one continuous space, placing the long side of a sectional between them can help you create distinct zones for your living space, such as a sitting area, reading nook, or entertainment space. 

Add Accent Furniture

Accent furnishings can add to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your living room while also helping you create a cohesive, complete layout. 

For example, matching or contrasting accent tables can enhance the aesthetics of your living room—either by helping furnishings blend in or stand out—while also providing valuable table space for decor or beverages. 

A coffee table or ottoman can also act as a functional and beautiful part of your living room arrangement that completes and complements your sectional with a cozy, intimate room feel. 

You may also want to consider adding a smaller sofa, such as a loveseat, or 2 chairs facing your sectional unit to create a layout that facilitates conversation and connection.

How Do You Pick the Right Sectional for Your Living Room?

There might be several sectionals you love when you first see them, but it is important to consider how they can fit into your existing living room space. 

Some of the details to consider when choosing a sectional include:

  • Shape: Sectionals often come in L and U shapes. A U-shaped unit may offer more seating options, while an L-shaped unit can help your living room feel more open. 
  • Versatility: Furniture that can meet multiple needs often wins out over furniture with a single purpose, so you may want to consider a sectional with options that can make both entertainment and conversation easier for a living room layout. 
  • Upholstery: Upholstery fabric can make all the difference, and choosing the right fabric for your sectional often depends on your personal preferences and needs. 
  • Floor colour: Sometimes, it helps to consider how the material will look against your floors, particularly if you have dark wood floors
  • Room size: A larger sectional in a smaller living room might feel overwhelming, but it might also feel comfortable, depending on your preferences. However, you also want to pick a unit that can still leave room for people to move around comfortably.

Living Room Furniture for Homes in Calgary

At Birchwood Furniture, we love helping Calgarians find furniture that fits their home, style, and personal needs. We are ready to help you explore modern living room ideas and more traditional styles with a variety of options for sofas and other living room furniture

Visit us to browse our gallery, ask us all about furnishings, and find the right sectional unit for your living room. 

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