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Things to Consider When Buying Home Office Furniture

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An ideal home office set up with a wooden dek, storage drawer unit on the right and natural light coming in from the window on the left.

The rise of hybrid and remote work positions is bringing a new, exciting option for many Calgarians: home office space. Choosing the right home office furniture can make all the difference when you’re trying to focus on your next big project. 

Some of the important factors to consider when buying office furniture include:

  • The size of your office space
  • Ergonomics
  • Storage
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Durability and quality

The home office furniture you choose doesn’t need to be limited to the first available desk or chair. Considering your options carefully and searching for purpose-built office furniture like an executive desk or functional bookcase can help you create a workspace that promotes productivity, comfort, and wellness. 

The Size of Your Office Space

The size of your available office space can be one of the biggest factors that affect your decision for home office furniture—especially if you have a small office

Before you buy a large executive desk or double bookcase, take some time to measure out the available space you have for your home office. It can also be helpful to use large pieces of paper or cardboard to create a visual layout of where your potential home office furniture can fit. 

Spending more time on space planning before you look for home office furniture can make it easier to find furnishings that suit your home—and help you decide if you have room for other decorative feature and accent pieces.

Things to consider when buying home office furniture.


Office ergonomics can play a big role in how comfortable your home office feels—and your ability to stay focused on work. You might be using your home office for extended periods of time. You can avoid injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle strain by choosing office furniture that supports your posture and musculoskeletal health. 

Ergonomic chairs should support the natural curve of your spine, allow your feet to rest flat on the floor, and allow your elbows and shoulders to sit comfortably without being hunched or dropped as you work at your desk. 

Ergonomic desks should have enough space for papers, a computer, and other reference materials you might need as you work, while keeping access to those items within arm’s reach so you can avoid excessive twisting and bending. Your desk should also have enough room for your knees and thighs to fit comfortably underneath. 


Storage space can be a crucial factor to consider for any home office, but especially if you have several tools, pieces of technology, or materials you may need to use and then move out of the way throughout your workday. 

In addition to looking for a desk with enough space on top, you may also want to consider a desk with built-in drawers, shelving, or filing cabinets to help keep your workspace clutter-free. For larger home offices, you might enjoy having a bookcase with built-in drawers, a set of filing cabinets, or another piece of furniture dedicated to storage needs. 

Design & Aesthetics

Choosing ergonomic office furniture is important, but don’t forget about the look of your office space and how it might fit—or contrast—with the rest of your home’s decor. 

Modern office furniture comes in a variety of styles, and it’s possible to choose a few special touches to create a unique feel for your home office, such as an open-back bookcase or a set of nesting tables

Don’t forget to think about the colour scheme of your home office, too, and try to incorporate a few pieces that inspire creativity and motivate you to be productive. Creating a workspace that reflects your personal style and suits your needs can make it easier to spend longer periods of time in your office. 

Durability & Quality

The more time you spend in your office, the more use your home office furniture is going to experience. For many people who work from home, getting durable furniture created with high-quality materials is essential for avoiding issues that hamper productivity. 

You should consider both what a piece of furniture is made of and how it was made when you’re choosing furniture for your office. When you compromise on quality, you may find yourself faced with frequent replacements and additional expenses, while well-constructed furniture can last for many years of productive use.

Tips on choosing the right spot for your home office desk.

How Should You Arrange Home Office Furniture?

The right layout for your home office will depend on your particular needs. However, there are some tips you may want to consider for setting up your space, particularly if you need to set up a workspace in a small area. 

Optimize Your Available Lighting 

Having enough lighting can be vital for productivity—especially during times of the year when it starts to get dark earlier in Calgary. Consider both natural light and artificial light sources when setting up your home office.

You might want to place your desk near a window to make use of natural light, or to purchase a larger desk with enough space for a lamp. You should also consider the position of your workspace relative to the other artificial light sources in your office, such as your overhead lights. 

Make Use of Vertical Space

Making use of vertical space by hanging shelves or using taller bookcases can help free up floor space in smaller home offices and reduce clutter. You might also have decor or functional office tools that can be transferred to walls or specialty stands, such as clocks, lighting, and computer monitors. 

Consider Your Workflow

Where do you spend your time while working? Do you prefer to work at your desk or in a specialty task chair? What do you need within arm’s reach? 

Considering your answers to the questions above can help you determine where to put furnishings in your home office based on how you work throughout the day. Keep your essentials close by and let the pieces you use less often sit further away. 

A home office set up with a throw placed on the chair, a customized wooden shelf on the wall with books and antiques and a small plant placed on the desk next to the computer.

Add a Personal Touch

There are plenty of ways to customize your office furnishings with unique accent pieces and larger furnishings that meet your needs. Whether you want a small side table to complement your desk or you have space for a larger sitting area with a few chairs and a coffee table, making choices to help yourself feel at home in your office space can make it easier to remain focused, productive, and positive throughout your work day. 

Find the Right Furniture for Your Home Office

There can be a lot to consider when buying home office furniture, but it should also be a process you enjoy. At Birchwood Furniture, we love matching Calgarians with the right furniture for their home. Visit us to browse our selection of furnishings made from local materials for local homes. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you find the right furniture for every area of your home.

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