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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture layout with soft color sofas and brick style fireplace.

Here’s the truth: you don’t have to be an interior designer to breathe life into your living room. But, if you visualize your space, create a plan, and follow these simple suggestions, you can convert your living room into a functional, fabulous area of your home. We’ll help you consider the details of what goes […]

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How to Keep Your Furniture Clean from Pets

A small dog laying down on a hair-covered couch

There’s a great level of excitement when you buy new furniture for your living room, office, or bedroom, and then you remember you have pets. If your critters are notorious for climbing on your couch, knocking pillows onto the floor, or scratching your leather chair, it can be difficult to maintain your furniture.  If you […]

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How to Prevent & Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions

Close up of a fabric sofa with styled cushions

Bringing a new sofa into your living room or home office can light up the room and bring new energy to a space. Just like buying a new car, keeping your sofa cushions in pristine condition for as long as possible is the goal.  Aside from keeping your sofa clean, what else can you do […]

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Meet MIDI’s Barnwood Collection

With Easter just behind us, we’ve got dining room furniture on our minds. When you and your loved ones next gather, you want to know that the table at which you share your meal can take whatever you throw at it. Our newest dining room collection from MIDI will do that and more. As practical […]

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New Season, New Inspiration!

As hard as it is to admit, our short albeit wonderful summer seems to be drawing to a close. Time to put away the camping gear, get those winter tires ready and swap out your light layers for cozy knits. What gets us through the cooler temperatures and the constant threat of snow? The new and […]

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